CUKTECH 20 Power Bank Review: A Much Cheaper Alternative to Anker 737

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In the realm of high-capacity power banks, the Anker 737 has established itself as a formidable contender, boasting impressive charging speeds and a robust capacity that has won over a substantial market segment. My previous reviews have delved into the capabilities of power monsters like the Anker 737, Sharge Storm 2, and Shargeek 170, each standing out for their unique features and performance. Today, however, I turn my attention to a new challenger in the arena: the CUKTECH 20 Power Bank.

At first glance, the CUKTECH 20 Power Bank appears to be a direct rival to the Anker 737, with specifications that closely mirror its competitor. What sets the CUKTECH 20 apart, however, is its price point. Offering similar performance and capacity, this power bank emerges as a much cheaper alternative to the Anker 737, raising the question of whether it can deliver comparable quality and reliability without breaking the bank. In this review, we’ll explore the features, performance, and value proposition of the CUKTECH 20 Power Bank to determine if it truly stands as a worthy competitor in the high-capacity power bank market.

cuktech 20 power bank review

Table of Contents

We Like

  • Big Battery Capacity
  • Fast Charging Speed
  • Nice Design

We Don't Like

  • Heavy


One of the aspects I particularly appreciate about the CUKTECH 20 power bank is its substantial battery capacity, which ensures that I can keep my devices charged for extended periods. Additionally, the fast charging capability is a significant plus, as it allows for quick and efficient charging of most electronic devices. The design of the power bank is also quite appealing, with a sleek and modern aesthetic that adds to its overall attractiveness. However, there is a trade-off to consider: the large battery capacity comes with increased weight, making the power bank heavier to carry around. This can be a drawback for those who prioritize portability and may need to consider this factor when choosing a power bank for on-the-go use.


CUKTECH 20 Power Bank 25000mAh 210W MAX

Rated Capacity: 13500mAh(5V/6A)

Cell Capacity: 88Wh/90Wh 3.6V


IN1 5V=3A 9V=3A 12V=3A 15V=3A 20V=5.5A

IN2 5V=3A 9V=3A 12V=3A 15V=3A 20V=2.25A


USB-A1 & Type-C1 & Type-C2: 5V=6A 9V=6A 12V=6A 15V=6A 20V=9A 210W MAX

OUT3  5V=3A 9V=2.23A 12V=1.67A 5~11V=3A 30W MAX

OUT1  5V=3A 9V=3A 12V=3A 15V=3A 20V=5A 28V=5A 140W MAX

OUT2  5V=3A 9V=3A 12V=3A 15V=3A 20V=3A 60W MAX

Why You Need CUKTECH 20?

In our digital age, we’re surrounded by a plethora of electronic devices that have become integral to our daily lives, be it for work or leisure. The challenge, however, lies in keeping these devices powered up throughout the day. This is where the value of a power bank with a large capacity and multiple charging ports becomes undeniable, allowing us to extend the battery life of our gadgets. Additionally, the convenience of fast charging cannot be overstated, as it significantly enhances our charging experience by minimizing downtime and ensuring that we stay connected and productive.

CUKTECH 20 Unbox

The CUKTECH 20 comes in a black box with a transparent section, allowing you to see the power bank before opening. The packaging is sturdy and minimalistic, with clear details like the brand, model, and highlights of 210W and 25000mAh. Inside, you’ll find the CUKTECH 20 power bank, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a packing bag, and a manual, all neatly arranged with the accessories in a smaller box for easy access.

Performance in Real Life

Charging Test by iPhone 11

cuktech 20 charging test-before
cuktech 20 charging test-after

In a real-world test, the CUKTECH 20 power bank charged my iPhone 11 from 0% to 100%, with the power bank’s battery level dropping from 100% to 87%. The iPhone 11 has a battery capacity of 3110mAh, while the CUKTECH 20 boasts a capacity of 25000mAh. Calculating the energy expended during charging, 13% of the CUKTECH 20’s capacity equals 3250mAh (25000mAh * 13%). This results in an output efficiency of approximately 95.4% (3110mAh / 3250mAh), which is impressively high for a power bank, indicating minimal energy loss during the charging process.

Charging Speed

The CUKTECH 20 boasts a maximum output of 210W, with the following specific output parameters:

  • For OUT1 (Type-C1) alone, the output is 5V=3A, 9V=3A, 12V=3A, 15V=3A, 20V=5A, and 28V=5A, with a maximum power output of 140W.

During the test I am using the USB-A to charge my iphone 11. You can find the display showing the output is 7.1W 1.4A 5.1V.

CUKTECH 20 VS Anker 737

Anker 737
Battery Capacity
Max Output
$129.99($45 Coupon Available)
Number of Port


CUKTECH 20 power bank stands out as a formidable competitor to the well-known Anker 737. With a larger battery capacity of 25000mAh and an impressive output efficiency of 95.4%, it offers reliable and efficient charging for a variety of devices. Furthermore, its 210W maximum output ensures that it can handle even the most demanding charging needs. Despite its superior specifications, the CUKTECH 20 is available at a much lower price point, making it an excellent value proposition for those in need of a high-capacity power bank.

For those considering the Anker 737, I highly recommend giving the CUKTECH 20 a closer look. Its combination of higher capacity, greater output, and affordability makes it a smart choice for anyone seeking a powerful and cost-effective charging solution. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get more for less with the CUKTECH 20 power bank.

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