Elehear Alpha Pro Review: Transforming Lives with Bluetooth Streaming and AI Technology

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During CES 2024, I had the opportunity to experience the Elehear Alpha Pro hearing aids firsthand. The clarity of sound during the testing session was remarkable, making an indelible impression on me. Their performance was so compelling that I felt compelled to explore these devices further. To provide a thorough review, I obtained a pair for my colleague Neil, who has been using hearing aids for decades. His extensive experience will offer a deeper insight into the Elehear Alpha Pro, helping to assess its potential impact and benefits for users.

Elehear Alpha Pro Review

Table of Contents

We Like

  • Effective Noise Cancellation
  • Directional Audio via Mobile App
  • High Quality Bluetooth Streaming
  • Adaptability to Differetnt Environments

We Don't Like

  • Big Battery Case
  • Inconsistencies in Sound Processing


Neil appreciates several aspects of the Elehear Alpha Pro, including its effective noise cancellation, which provides clear sound in various settings, and the directional audio feature accessible via the mobile app, enhancing specific sound focus in group environments. He is also impressed by the high-quality Bluetooth streaming for music and the device’s adaptability to different acoustic environments. However, Neil finds the size of the battery case cumbersome and notes inconsistencies in sound processing, such as volume fluctuations that can be frustrating and disorienting. These points encapsulate Neil’s overall experience with the hearing aids, highlighting both the strengths and areas needing improvement.


ELEHEAR Alpha Pro Hearing Aids
Max-OSPL90: ≤ 112dB + 3dB
HFA-OSPL90: 106 ± 4dB
HFA-FOG50: 32 ± 5dB
Frequency Range: 300Hz ≤ F ≤ 6000Hz
THD: 500/800/1600Hz ≤ 2%+3%
EQ Input Noise: The actual measured value should be < 32dB+3dB
Battery Current: 2.8mA

Why You Need ELEHEAR Alpha Pro?

If you are seeking an advanced yet affordable hearing solution, the Elehear Alpha Pro could be the answer. Designed to cater to individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, these FDA-registered OTC hearing aids offer cutting-edge features like advanced AI noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and Bluetooth streaming, all tailored through a user-friendly app. Unlike traditional hearing aids that can be prohibitively expensive and require frequent updates, the Elehear Alpha Pro provides a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality or functionality. This was particularly appealing to my colleague Neil, who has long relied on high-end Oticon hearing aids. Frustrated by the recurring high costs associated with renewing his prescription hearing aids, Neil was thrilled when I introduced him to the Elehear Alpha Pro. The affordability and promising capabilities of the Elehear Alpha Pro have genuinely excited him, offering a potential shift from his expensive routine towards a more sustainable hearing solution.

Real Test by Neil

Elehear Alpha Pro Review by Neil

Neil’s experience with the Elehear Alpha Pro has been notably positive, with several advanced features particularly standing out. He appreciated the high sound compensation gain, which allows for significant auditory improvement across various environmental settings. Although it’s unclear whether the device employs AI technology, the noise-cancelling function effectively reduces background noise, enhancing clarity. The hearing aids offer a directional functionality through their mobile app, enabling users to amplify specific voices by pointing their phone at the speaker. This feature was especially useful in lecture settings, where Neil could place his phone on the podium and have the teacher’s voice transmitted directly to his hearing aids. Additionally, the Bluetooth capabilities delivered exceptional sound quality when streaming music, adding to the device’s versatility. However, Neil noted some inconsistencies in sound processing, such as volume fluctuations that start loud and gradually decrease. Despite these minor issues, Neil found the Elehear Alpha Pro to be a substantial upgrade, particularly for its ability to adapt to different acoustic environments and integrate seamlessly with everyday technology. If Neil were to rate his Oticon hearing aids at 100 for overall performance, he believes the Elehear Alpha Pro deserves at least an 80, affirming it as a highly competitive option in the market for those seeking advanced features at a more accessible price point.


 Elehear Alpha Pro offers a compelling array of features that can significantly enhance the auditory experience for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Its advanced noise cancellation and directional audio capabilities provide clear and focused sound, making it an excellent choice for varied environments and social settings. The high-quality Bluetooth streaming further enriches the user experience, allowing seamless integration with modern technology. However, while Neil appreciates these features, he points out some drawbacks, such as the bulky battery case and inconsistencies in sound processing, which could affect user satisfaction. Overall, the Elehear Alpha Pro stands out as a strong contender in the market of OTC hearing aids, offering sophisticated technology at a more accessible price point, though it may benefit from some refinements in design and functionality.

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