Fiido Air Review: Lightweight Carbon Fiber E-bike for Effortless City Rides


In the quest for the perfect urban commute, the Fiido Air Carbon Fiber E-bike stands out as a top contender. Priced at just $1799, it’s astonishingly affordable compared to other e-bikes, which often exceed this price without the benefits of carbon fiber. Excited by this incredible deal, I borrowed the Fiido Air from my friend Tommy, who couldn’t stop raving about it. I’ve never encountered a carbon fiber e-bike under $1800 before, making this an unprecedented opportunity. In the following paragraphs, I’ll dive into how it performs and why it might be the perfect e-bike for you.

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We Like

  • Light: One Hand Hold if Neccessary
  • Natural Petal-Assisant
  • Worthy for Money: Only $1799 at this moment for Carbon Fiber eBike

We Don't Like

  • Terrible APP:


What I like most about the Fiido Air Carbon Fiber E-bike is its unbeatable price of $1799, which is a key point for anyone considering a high-quality yet affordable e-bike. This price point makes it highly competitive, especially considering its carbon fiber construction and lightweight design. The riding experience is smooth and enjoyable, making it an attractive option for many people. However, one downside is the app, which I found to be quite terrible. It could definitely use some improvements to match the overall quality of the bike itself.


Fiido Air Ebike

Frame Material: Carbon Fiber

Range:50 Miles

Weight(L): 30Lbs

Battery: 208.8Wh

Motor:Miivice-M070 250W

Power Assist System: Pedal-Assist

Brake System: SHIMANO BR-MT410 Hydural DISC Brakes

Gear System: Gate Carbon Drive CDN

Charging Time: 3H

Max Speed: 18.6MPH

Max Load: 256Lbs

Clean Design: Hidden Battery & Cables, and Seamless Integration

Fiido Air Ebike Review

You will never notice it’s an e-bike due to its hidden battery and concealed cables design. The nearly all-in-one molding gives the Fiido Air a futuristic vibe, with a sleek, grey finish reminiscent of an Apple MacBook. The model I borrowed is a size L, and at 5.68 feet tall, I found even the lowest seat height a bit high for my preference.

Two Way to Unlock Fiido Air

Fiido Air FingerPrint Sensor
Fiido Air Ebike-Smart Watch Unlock

Unlocking the Fiido Air is incredibly convenient with two options: a fingerprint sensor or the included smartwatch. I find the smartwatch particularly useful as an extra accessory, especially when I need to lend the e-bike to friends, just as Tommy lent it to me. This way, I can share the bike without needing to set up another fingerprint, making it easy and hassle-free for others to use.

Natural Pedal-Assist

The Fiido Air boasts a 250W Mivice rear-hub motor paired with a Mivice torque sensor, which is expected in this price range to enhance the natural feel of pedal-assisted power. The pedal-assist is impressively smooth, neither reacting too slowly nor too quickly, providing a comfortable and intuitive riding experience. This well-calibrated system ensures that the power delivery feels natural and seamless, making each ride more enjoyable and effortless.

Battery & Max Speed &Range Test

The Fiido Air’s battery is rated at 208.8Wh and can be fully charged in approximately 3 hours, according to the official specs. It boasts a top speed of 15.5mph (25km/h) and a range of up to 50 miles (80 kilometers). However, in my real-world tests, the battery took about 4.5 hours to fully charge. I typically rode around 10 kilometers per session, and by the fifth session, the battery was nearly depleted. With my weight of 187lbs (85kg), I achieved a maximum speed of about 12.4mph (20km/h). Although I could adjust the max speed to 18.6mph, I chose not to change it since the bike was borrowed.

Terrible APP

The app experience with the Fiido Air is quite disappointing. You have to set up the e-bike using the app for the first time, but I recommend avoiding it afterward if possible. The connection is unstable, making it difficult to control your Fiido Air correctly. Additionally, the data displayed on the app often seems inaccurate and unreliable. Overall, the app is horrible and detracts from the otherwise excellent experience of this e-bike. It’s best to forget about the app once the initial setup is complete.

Incredible Price for only $1799

The Fiido Air is currently priced at an impressive $1799, a significant reduction from its regular price of $2399. This is an unbeatable deal, as you won’t find another carbon fiber e-bike at such a low price. If you’re considering purchasing a high-quality, lightweight e-bike, now is the perfect time to act. Take advantage of this offer before the price goes up, and enjoy the exceptional value that the Fiido Air provides.


The Fiido Air Carbon Fiber E-bike stands out as a top choice for urban commuters seeking a lightweight, durable, and stylish e-bike. With its hidden battery and cables, smooth pedal-assist, and impressive design, it offers an unparalleled riding experience. The current price of $1799 is an exceptional deal, especially considering the regular price of $2399 and the cost of comparable e-bikes. If you’ve been contemplating a high-quality e-bike, now is the perfect time to make your move. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer—grab the Fiido Air Carbon Fiber E-bike today and transform your daily commute.

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