Power and Aesthetics Combined: Comparing 3 Trending GaN Chargers That Beautify Your Desk in 2023 -Shargeek Retro, Gravastar Alpha 65 and Ugreen Nexode Charger

In the saturated world of GaN chargers, a common gripe emerges: many look so remarkably alike, leading to a mundane sea of sameness on desks worldwide. But for those who see their workspace as an extension of their personality and creativity, the demand for distinctiveness grows. The Shargeek Retro 67, Gravastar Alpha 65, and Ugreen Nexode are more than just GaN chargers—they are design marvels that stand out in a crowded marketplace. These models not only offer top-tier charging efficiency but also serve as stylish statements, ensuring that your desk radiates uniqueness while keeping your devices juiced up. If you’re looking to invigorate your space with the best in technology and design, these are the GaN charger names to know.

Gan Charger or Figure

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Sharge Retro

Shargeek Retro 67W Gan Charger

In the vast universe of tech, there are few things that evoke as much nostalgia as Apple’s classic designs. Capturing this very essence, Shargeek unveils its Retro GaN Charger series – a nod to the iconic Apple Retro Computer. Available in two variants, the Retro 67W and 35W, these chargers aren’t just functional powerhouses but also aesthetic masterpieces.

For the devoted Apple aficionado, the Shargeek Retro’s design is a trip down memory lane. Its success is evident, having taken the crowdfunding world by storm, amassing substantial backing and funding. When paired with Apple products – be it an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook, or others – the Shargeek Retro seamlessly complements, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present.

Delving deeper into their specifications:

  • Shargeek Retro 67 boasts a robust 67W max output, a handy real-time power display, three USB-C outputs ensuring multiple-device compatibility, and, importantly, advanced safety protection mechanisms.

  • Shargeek Retro 35, while compact in stature, is mighty in its offerings. It features a smart LED display, promises 35W fast charging, boasts a remarkably tiny footprint, and ensures compatibility across various devices, all the while maintaining rigorous safety standards.

For those yearning for a blend of retro design with modern tech efficiency, the Shargeek Retro series is a dream come true.

For more detail, Please chceck this review: Shargeek Retro 67 Review

Gravastar Alpha 65

Meet the Gravastar Alpha 65W GaN Fast Wall Charger—a harmonious blend of efficiency and versatility tailored for the tech-savvy user. Underpinned by the cutting-edge GaN technology, this charger promises swift and safe charging, ensuring your devices are powered up in no time. What sets the Alpha 65W apart is its transformative design, adding a playful touch to its serious performance. With a three-port design, including 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, it offers flexibility for various charging needs. Plus, its global adaptability is highlighted with plug options catering to the US, UK, and EU markets. Whether you’re plugging in an Apple iPhone, an iPad, a Samsung device, or even a Nintendo Switch, the Gravastar Alpha 65W has you covered. This is not just a charger; it’s a statement of style and functionality combined.

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Ugreen Nexode

Step into the future of charging with the Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN Charger. This delightful 65W USB C charger marries efficiency with whimsy, offering a quirky take on device charging. With a robust 65W output, it can swiftly power a MacBook Air M2 from empty to over half-full in just 30 minutes. But it’s not just about performance; the robot’s facial LED display animates the charging process, showcasing endearing expressions corresponding to various charging states. Its versatility is unparalleled, boasting 2 USB C ports and 1 USB A port, making it a singular charging solution for a myriad of devices. Rest assured, while the Nexode RobotGaN Charger exudes playfulness, its commitment to safety is serious, featuring comprehensive protection against short circuits, overloads, extreme temperatures, and overvoltage scenarios. Experience the delightful blend of fun and function with Ugreen’s innovative charger.


  • Shargeek Retro 67
  • Gravastar Alpha 65
  • Ugreen Nexode 65
Shargeek Retro 67Gravastar Alpha 65Ugreen Nexode 65
Max Ouput67W65W65W
Port3×USB-C2 USB-C + 1 USB-A2 USB-C + 1 USB-A
DesignApple RetroTransformingCute Robot
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

1. Design & Aesthetics:

  • Shargeek Retro: With a design reminiscent of the Apple Retro Computer, this charger is a treat for Apple enthusiasts and lovers of vintage aesthetics. It brings nostalgia to the desk while delivering modern performance.
  • Gravastar Alpha 65W: This charger is all about the future. Its transformable design and sleek appearance make it a statement piece for modern desks, merging sci-fi vibes with today’s tech needs.
  • Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN: A delightful fusion of fun and functionality, this charger boasts a unique robot design. The LED display, which showcases different charging-state expressions, adds a touch of whimsy to the charging process.

2. Performance & Compatibility:

  • Shargeek Retro: Available in 67W and 35W variants, it offers multiple USB-C outputs and is compatible with a wide range of devices. Its real-time power display and safety protection ensure efficient and secure charging.
  • Gravastar Alpha 65W: Backed by powerful GaN technology and a three-port design (2 USB-C and 1 USB-A), it’s equipped to charge multiple devices simultaneously, from Apple products to Nintendo Switches.
  • Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN: Beyond its playful design, its 65W charging capacity can juice up a MacBook Air M2 rapidly. Its versatile port selection ensures compatibility across numerous devices.

3. Safety Features:

  • Shargeek Retro: Prioritizes user safety with advanced protection mechanisms guarding against potential risks.
  • Gravastar Alpha 65W: While specifics aren’t detailed, GaN technology typically incorporates inherent safety features.
  • Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN: Stands out with a comprehensive multiple safety system, offering protection against short circuits, overloads, temperature extremes, and overvoltages.

4. Unique Features:

  • Shargeek Retro: Nostalgic design and real-time power display.
  • Gravastar Alpha 65W: Transformable design and adaptability with various plug options (US, UK, EU).
  • Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN: Robot-themed LED display reflecting different charging states.


In the dynamic landscape of technology, GaN chargers have emerged not just as essential tools but as statements of personal style and efficiency. From the nostalgic charm of the Shargeek Retro to the futuristic allure of the Gravastar Alpha 65W and the playful innovation of the Ugreen Nexode RobotGaN, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift, these chargers stand out as exceptional choices. As we approach the festive season, consider gifting one of these chargers; they make for thoughtful, practical, and stylish presents, be it for Christmas or a birthday.

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