Metapen Pen D1: The Best Apple Pen Alternative - A Comprehensive Review

In today’s digital age, the iPad has evolved beyond a mere source of amusement, becoming an indispensable tool for work and study. Its versatility extends to note-taking during meetings and lectures, a valuable feature for professionals and students alike. Moreover, the allure of unleashing your creative side through drawing is a favorite pastime, especially for kids. Hence, a Stylus Pen has become an essential companion for iPad users. This review centers on the latest offering from Metapen, the Metapen Pen D1, and aims to provide insights into its performance as the ultimate tool for enhancing the iPad experience.

Metapen Pencil D1 Review

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Metapen Pen D1
Battery Type: 90mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Method: Type-C Fast Charge
Chaging Time: 30 Minutes
Using Time: 8 Hours When Full Charged
Standby Time: 365 Days
Package Size: 16*6.2*1.7 cm 
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch(3rd,4th,5th and 6th Gen)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch(1st,2nd,3rd and 4th Gen)
  • iPad Air(3rd,4th, and 5th Gen)
  • iPad Mini(5th, and 6th Gen)
  • iPad(6th,7th,8th,9th and 10th Gen)

For iPad 2018 and later,all iPad models need to be updated to iOS 12.2 or later.


The design of the Metapen Pen D1 is characterized by its lightweight construction, ergonomic excellence, and a familiar pen-like form factor. This stylus is thoughtfully crafted to provide users with a comfortable and fatigue-free experience, even during extended use. Resembling the dimensions of a common pen, the Metapen Pen D1 ensures that users can seamlessly transition from traditional writing tools to digital note-taking and drawing. Notably, it is slightly thicker than the Apple Pen, a design choice that enhances grip and ergonomics, minimizing the risk of hand strain. Additionally, the inclusion of an anti-slip silicone grip in the area where users hold the pen further contributes to a secure and controlled user experience.


The Metapen Pen D1 redefines stylus performance, offering an exceptional drawing experience for iPad enthusiasts. It stands as the best Apple Pencil alternative, providing features synonymous with the Apple Pencil, such as the use of high-quality pom material tips for unwavering precision and exceptional durability. With zero lags in its performance, the Metapen Pen D1 ensures a seamless, interruption-free creative process, making it an ideal choice for digital artists and creative individuals. The tilt function enables precise control, allowing you to experiment with shadow and line thickness variations without constraints. Furthermore, high precision and palm rejection technology liberate your creativity, eliminating the need for gloves and allowing you to focus entirely on your artistic endeavors without distractions.

Customization by APP

Metapen D1 Pencil APP

The accompanying app for the Metapen Pen D1 elevates the stylus experience to a whole new level with its Smart Personalized Action Button and an array of customizable shortcut gestures. Users can easily configure single, double, and triple-click gestures, providing a convenient way to access a range of essential functions. With 25 fully customizable shortcuts at your fingertips, tasks such as undoing, taking screenshots, returning to the home screen, drawing, using different brush types, managing layers, transforming objects, highlighting, erasing, using the lasso tool, or initiating screen recordings become a breeze. Additionally, the app offers a remarkable feature for those prone to misplacing their stylus; it allows you to trace the pen’s signal to its last known location when connected via Bluetooth, ensuring that you never lose track of your creative tool.


Metapen Pen D1 emerges as a standout alternative to the Apple Pencil, offering an impressive combination of design, performance, and an intuitive app. Its ergonomic design, reminiscent of a traditional pen, provides users with comfort during extended use. The stylus’s responsiveness, tilt function, and high precision, coupled with palm rejection, make it a perfect tool for artists and note-takers alike. Furthermore, the app’s Smart Personalized Action Button and customizable shortcut gestures enhance productivity and convenience, allowing users to tailor the stylus to their specific needs. The ability to trace the pen’s location adds a layer of practicality, ensuring you’ll never misplace your valuable tool. The Metapen Pen D1 proves itself as a worthy companion for iPad users who seek a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable digital experience. Whether you’re a creative professional or a student, this stylus is poised to elevate your iPad interactions and artistic expressions. With its winning combination of features, it’s clear that the Metapen Pen D1 has earned its reputation as the best Apple Pencil alternative.

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