Discover the NIIMBOT New D110 Label Maker: A Compact, Cost-effective Printing Solution

In a world where organization and personalization are key, having the right tools can make a world of difference. From the frenzy of back-to-school preparations to the warmth of holiday celebrations, there are countless occasions that call for efficient labeling. That’s where the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker steps in – a compact, wireless, and versatile solution designed to streamline your labeling needs.

In this post, we’ll take you through a comprehensive review of the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker, exploring its standout features, wireless connectivity, and compatibility with a range of label tape styles. From its role in ensuring that school supplies find their rightful owners to adding a personal touch to holiday gifts, this review will showcase how the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker shines in various scenarios. Whether you’re seeking office organization, unleashing your creative prowess, or enhancing special occasions, this review will provide an in-depth look at how the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker can elevate your labeling game. So, stay tuned for a detailed exploration of this innovative device that simplifies labeling and adds a unique flair to every situation.

NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker Review

Table of Contents

Occasions Calling for Efficient Labeling

  1. Back-to-School Preparations: Label school supplies, textbooks, stationery, and backpacks to keep things organized for the new academic year.

  2. Holiday Gift Wrapping: Add a personal touch to gifts by creating customized labels that reflect the recipient’s personality or the occasion.

  3. Home Office Organization: Label files, documents, folders, and storage containers in your home office to maintain a clutter-free workspace.

  4. Party Planning: Label food items, drinks, and decorations to ensure a well-organized and visually appealing event.

  5. Crafting and DIY Projects: Create professional-looking labels for handmade crafts, DIY projects, and homemade products.

  6. Moving and Storage: Label boxes and containers when moving to a new place or storing items to easily locate belongings later.

  7. Kitchen and Pantry Organization: Label spice jars, food containers, and pantry shelves for a tidy and efficient kitchen.

  8. Plant and Garden Marking: Label plant pots, garden beds, and seed trays to keep track of different plant species and their care instructions.

  9. Business and Retail: Label products, shelves, and display items in retail settings to provide clear information to customers.

  10. Event Planning: Label seating arrangements, name tags, and event materials for conferences, workshops, and seminars.

  11. Home Renovation: Label cables, wires, and switches during home renovation projects to avoid confusion and ensure proper connections.

  12. Medical and First Aid Kits: Label medication bottles, first aid kits, and medical supplies for quick identification in emergencies.

  13. Moving-in Gifts: Welcome new neighbors or friends to their new homes by gifting them with labeled items that help them settle in.

  14. Labelling Children’s Items: Label school uniforms, water bottles, lunchboxes, and other personal items to prevent mix-ups.

  15. Art Supplies and Studios: Label art supplies, paint colors, and tools in an art studio for easy access during creative sessions.


NIIMBOT D110 Thermal Label Makers
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
Printing Technology: Thermal
Special Feature: Smart Printing
Color: White
Output: Monochrome
Maximum Print Speed (Color): 10 ppm
Max Printspeed Monochrome: 10 ppm

Wireless Convenience and Connectivity

The NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker introduces a new level of wireless convenience through its Bluetooth connectivity feature. With the ability to connect your smartphone to the D110 via Bluetooth, the process of creating and printing labels becomes seamless and hassle-free. However, it’s important to note that while the Bluetooth connection offers great convenience, it operates within a certain range. Connecting your phone and the D110 at a reasonable distance ensures a stable connection, as exceeding the Bluetooth’s range could result in a loss of connectivity. This wireless functionality brings the power of label creation to your fingertips, enhancing the overall user experience.

Battery Life and Portability

The NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker is designed with both portability and long-lasting performance in mind. Measuring a compact 1007020mm (WDH), it’s incredibly small and lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever you need it. The standout feature, however, lies in its 1200mAh large capacity battery. Once fully charged, this battery empowers the D110 to print continuously for up to 4 hours. This impressive battery life ensures that you can tackle a multitude of labeling tasks without the worry of constant recharging. Whether you’re on the move or stationed at your workspace, the D110 offers both the convenience of portability and the reliability of extended battery usage.

NIIMBOT App and Label Customization

The NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker goes beyond conventional labeling with its user-friendly NIIMBOT app. This app serves as a creative hub, allowing you to fully personalize your labels to suit your preferences. From adding text and graphics to incorporating dates, borders, stickers, and icons, the app offers an array of customization options. Choose from multiple languages and fonts, and effortlessly adjust sizes and positions to craft labels that reflect your unique style. This dynamic platform brings a new level of creativity to label making, empowering you to tailor labels for various purposes and occasions. Whether it’s a sleek professional look or a burst of creativity, the NIIMBOT app ensures your labels are as distinctive as you are.

Real-World Applications and Scenarios

Reflecting on my own experiences, the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker has truly proven its worth in a variety of practical scenarios. With the school year in full swing, my kids’ brand-new books demanded proper labeling to avoid mix-ups. The D110 came to the rescue, effortlessly allowing me to create personalized labels bearing their names – a simple solution to ensure belongings find their way home. Additionally, in the realm of storage, countless containers begged for clear identification. The D110 once again stepped up, enabling me to label storage boxes with utmost precision, bringing an unmatched level of organization to my spaces. Perhaps most crucially, the D110 has played a pivotal role in my makeup routine, where expiry dates matter. By conveniently generating legible labels, I’ve managed to keep track of product lifespans effectively. These personal experiences underscore the NIIMBOT D110’s ability to simplify and elevate various aspects of everyday life, providing practical solutions with a touch of personalization.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Customization Option
  • Fast Printing


  • Roll Tape is Expensive 


In the journey of seeking efficient organization and personalized solutions, the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker emerges as an invaluable tool. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve witnessed its prowess across an array of real-world scenarios. From labeling my kids’ school books to streamlining storage with clear container identifications, and even ensuring the timely replacement of makeup products through well-organized labels, the D110 has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, simplifying tasks and bringing order to various aspects of life.

The ability to connect seamlessly through wireless Bluetooth, the convenience of an extended battery life, and the dynamic NIIMBOT app for label customization have collectively elevated my labeling game. This device transcends the mundane, allowing for personalized touches that infuse practicality with creativity. As I’ve learned firsthand, the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker is not just a gadget; it’s a powerful ally in the pursuit of an organized and efficient lifestyle.

Ready to experience the transformation for yourself? You can now own the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker on Amazon and embark on your own journey of streamlining, personalizing, and simplifying. Click the link below to explore this innovative device that’s poised to revolutionize your labeling needs.

Enhance your daily life with the NIIMBOT D110 Label Maker – your gateway to efficiency, personalization, and seamless organization.

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