Ringconn Smart Ring Review: CES 2024 Highlight and 2023 Crowdfunding Success

At CES 2024, amidst countless new gadgets, the Ringconn Smart Ring really caught my eye. It was a crowd favorite, thanks to its success in a big crowdfunding campaign last year.

Ringconn Smart Ring Booth CES 2024

Why It’s So Cool

Unlike my usual smart devices like Xiaomi bracelet and Huawei watch, which I often forget to wear after charging, the Ringconn Smart Ring is different. It’s like wearing nothing at all, yet it keeps you connected and tracks your health just like any smartwatch or bracelet.

Who Would Love the Ringconn Smart Ring

If you don’t like bulky smartwatches or bracelets, this ring is perfect. It’s great for people who are serious about their health and fitness but want something that’s easy to wear all day. It’s like having a health coach on your finger!

Ringconn Smart Ring Review


Ringconn Smart Ring
  • No Subscription Fee
  • 7-Day Battery Life
  • Forged in Lightweight Titanium
  • 24/7 Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • Sleep Quality Analysis & Sleep Stages
  • All-Day Fitness & Stress Analysis
  • Wellness Balance Advice
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating (165ft/50m)
  • Winner of the Good Design Awards 2023

Personal Experience of Rinconn Smart Ring

Ringconn Smart Ring APP

I usually don’t wear rings because they feel uncomfortable. But after trying out the Ringconn Smart Ring, I decided to buy one. I chose a size 13, which fits me well, though I wear it on my thumb to keep it comfy. When I compared it to my Huawei GT 3 smartwatch, the health data was just as accurate. Plus, I don’t need to charge it as often as my watch, just once a week. After a few days, I hardly noticed I was wearing it.


The Ringconn Smart Ring is not just another tech gadget; it’s a big leap forward in wearable technology. It’s stylish, comfortable, and accurate. For anyone who wants tech that fits seamlessly into their life, this ring is a must-try.

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