Unveiling YOOATOM Origin 800 Power Station: Revolutionizing Portable Power with the World's First Smart Modular System

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In a world constantly on the move, powering our devices has become as essential as the air we breathe. Whether it’s camping trips, outdoor adventures, or even unforeseen emergencies, having a reliable source of power is non-negotiable. That’s why portable power stations have surged in popularity, promising to be the saviors of our energy-hungry gadgets and appliances. But here’s the thing – many of us have purchased these power stations, only to find them gathering dust more often than not.

Enter the game-changer: the YOOATOM Origin 800 Power Station.

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Pain of Other Portable Power Station

Picture this: you’re out camping in the wilderness, excited to capture breathtaking landscapes on your camera, keep your devices charged, and even brew a cup of coffee to kick-start your day. You’ve got your trusty portable power station with you, fully equipped and ready to roll. But here’s the reality check – people won’t settled down around the portable power station. You will walk around for any funs you can get outdoor. Portable power station is not that portbale. Smaller energy option will work better in some cases.

YOOATOM Origin 800 Solution

yooatom origin 800 solution

Unlike the conventional portable power stations available in the market, the YOOATOM Origin 800 operates on an innovative premise. Comprising standalone power banks, each unit can function independently, granting you and your companions the freedom to harness your personal power bank. Say goodbye to the confines of sitting in front of a single power station; the Origin 800 redefines flexibility. The true marvel, however, emerges when these power banks unite to form a collective powerhouse. The result? A staggering capacity ranging from 460 to 720Wh, coupled with an impressive 800W AC output. This enhanced configuration transforms the YOOATOM Origin 800 into an energy hub capable of fueling numerous high-powered devices, answering the demands of gadgets with substantial energy requirements. Experience the fusion of individual autonomy and collaborative power, exemplifying a truly distinctive portable power solution.


  • Swappable Batteries
  • Expandable Capacity 460*720Wh
  • 800W AC Output
  • Solar Energy Recharging
  • Modular Design
  • APP & Voice Control

Other Features of YOOATOM Origin 800

Individual Power Bank:Two Way Type-C

power bank from YOOATOM Origin 800

Meet the heart of the YOOATOM Origin 800 system – an individual power bank with a robust 86.4Wh/27000mAh capacity. Boasting a bi-directional 60W Type-C (PD3.0) port, it fuels your laptops, smartphones, and devices rapidly. What sets it apart? The thoughtful inclusion of a Type-A port, perfectly aligning with the prevalent charging cables. This power bank combines substantial power with smart design, offering modern charging convenience in a compact form.

Power Combination

Power Combination of YOOATOM Origin 800

With the YOOATOM Origin 800, combining energy modules is an effortless endeavor that requires no extra cables. As you stack one module onto another, an ingenious bump detection system comes into play. This system, utilizing our cutting-edge technology, detects the module’s position within the network and commands the latch to extend automatically, securely locking the module in place. It’s a seamless symphony of innovation and engineering, ensuring your power expansion is as simple as it is smart – all at the touch of your fingertips.

Battery Serurity Solution

Battery Security Solution from Yooatom Origin 800

When it comes to battery security, the Origin 800 sets new standards by implementing a dual-layer protection system. This innovative feature offers you a level of safety that’s truly unparalleled. Each module is designed to withstand an individual failure, while the entire device is fortified to handle even dual failures. With an array of six robust safety measures including Over Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Over Charge, and Low Voltage Protection, your devices are enveloped in a shield of comprehensive protection. The Origin 800 doesn’t just provide power; it provides peace of mind, earning your trust through cutting-edge security mechanisms.

800W AC Output

YOOATOM Origin 800-800W AC Output

Elevate your power expectations with the YOOATOM Origin 800’s astounding 800W AC output. This formidable feature unlocks a realm of possibilities, allowing you to operate even the most energy-demanding appliances and electronics seamlessly while on the move. Transform your camping escapades into luxurious glamping adventures, and bid farewell to the notion of compromising on comfort – no matter where your journeys take you. The YOOATOM Origin 800 redefines the concept of portable power, bringing you a level of convenience and performance that’s unparalleled.

13 Output Ports

YOOATOM Origin 800-13 Output Ports

Empower yourself with the YOOATOM Origin 800’s extensive array of 13 Output Ports – a true power hub that redefines convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing a multitude of gadgets and chargers; with this innovation, you have the capability to energize an entire spectrum of devices simultaneously. Whether it’s your laptop, camping fridge, lights, or any other electronic companion, the Origin 800 provides a seamless power solution for all. No longer confined by constraints, this power station acts as your comprehensive charging station, accommodating your needs whether you’re on a remote work assignment, embarking on a camping excursion, or braving a sudden power outage at home.

5 Ways to Recharge

YOOATOM Origin 800-5 Ways to Recharge

Unlock a realm of versatile recharging possibilities with the YOOATOM Origin 800. Embrace the freedom of 5 distinct methods to replenish its energy reserves. Maximize your charging potential by harnessing the power of both solar input (up to 200W) and the high-powered Type-C port simultaneously, delivering a remarkable 400W charge rate. In this mode, witness the Origin 800’s capability to achieve a full 720Wh charge in an astonishingly brief 1.9 hours. Further enhancing your charging options are three additional 100W Type-C ports, the convenience of 130W car charging, or the option to indulge in individual 60W recharges for each Power Stack/Power Dock through their dedicated Type-C ports. Let the environment fuel your needs through the Origin 800, your eco-friendly energy ally.

Expadable Capacity 460-720Wh

Expandable Capacity 460-720Wh Yooatom Origin 800

Elevate your devices with the adaptable energy reservoir of the YOOATOM Origin 800, offering an expandable capacity that ranges from a robust 460Wh to an astounding 720Wh. Tailor-made to cater to your unique power requirements, this versatility ensures that your everyday electronics receive their needed energy as effortlessly as your larger devices. From routine gadget charging to offering an extra boost for more energy-intensive equipment, the Origin 800’s expandable capacity stands as a testament to its ability to scale seamlessly and cater to your distinct power needs.

15ms UPS

This technology is your assurance of unwavering power protection for all your connected electronics. In moments of power interruption or when fluctuations stray beyond safe thresholds, the UPS springs into action, delivering an instantaneous (less than 15ms) supply of clean battery backup power. This shield of energy is accompanied by surge protection, fortifying your plugged-in and sensitive equipment against potential damage. With the Origin 800’s 15ms UPS, you can bid adieu to power woes, confident that your devices remain powered and shielded, no matter the situation.


YOOATOM Origin 800 is a game-changer in the world of portable power solutions. Its smart modular design, versatile recharging options, impressive 800W AC output, extensive array of output ports, and cutting-edge safety features all come together to create an unparalleled power hub. Whether you’re a tech-savvy adventurer, a remote worker, or simply someone who values reliable power, the Origin 800 promises to redefine the way you approach energy on the go. No longer will you be tethered by the limitations of traditional power sources.

But the best part? The YOOATOM Origin 800 is available to you right now with an incredible 25% off on the Indiegogo page. This is your chance to join the portable power revolution and be one of the first to experience the future of energy firsthand. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to secure your Origin 800 at a special discounted rate. Head over to the Indiegogo page now and make the YOOATOM Origin 800 an indispensable part of your life – a source of power, innovation, and peace of mind like never before. Your adventures deserve nothing less than the best, and the YOOATOM Origin 800 is here to deliver.

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