Ceretone Core One: The Smallest OTC Hearing Aids,But Powerful?

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Having undergone two surgeries for otitis media, I noticed a decline in my hearing quality, a change that was both unexpected and unwelcome. At 38, I felt far too young to be considering hearing aids and was initially resistant to the idea. The stigma associated with wearing them seemed daunting, and I wasn’t ready to face that part of my reality. However, my perspective shifted when I discovered the Ceretone Core One, which is touted as the world’s smallest over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Intrigued by the promise of a discreet solution to my hearing challenges, I decided to give them a try. In this article, I will share my experiences with the Ceretone Core One, exploring their features, performance, and overall impact on my daily life.

Ceretone Core One VS Apple Airpods Pro
Ceretone Core One Hearing Aids Photo
Ceretone Core One Hearing Aids Small as Coffee Bean

Review Summary

Table of Contents

Sound Quality
Sound Quality

Hearing Loss Experience

I used to pride myself on my acute hearing abilities, being sensitive enough to hear the faintest sounds, like a water droplet in a silent bathroom, prompting me to tighten the faucet to stop the noise. However, my auditory sensitivity began to wane due to otitis media, a condition that led to significant hearing loss. Despite undergoing surgeries in 2019 and 2022 to address this issue, my hearing never returned to its original clarity. One of the most challenging aspects of this change was my newfound inability to discern human voices in crowded environments, leaving me feeling disconnected in social settings.

First Time Usage of the Hearing Aids

For a long time, I harbored the perception that hearing aids were exclusively for the elderly, a tool that signified aging and dependency. This stereotype made me reluctant to consider them as a solution for myself, despite recognizing signs of hearing loss. At my age, embracing hearing aids felt like an admission of premature decline, a step I was not prepared to take. This mindset kept me from seeking help, as I clung to the hope that my situation wasn’t severe enough to warrant such measures, maintaining a distance from what I perceived as a marker of old age.

My perspective on hearing aids shifted dramatically when I discovered the Ceretone Core One. What set them apart was their incredibly small size, promising discretion that could allow me to use them without drawing attention or feeling self-conscious. This feature was pivotal in my decision to give them a try, marking my first foray into the world of hearing aids. The prospect of using such a compact device offered a way to address my hearing loss without the embarrassment I had feared, finally providing a solution that felt suitable for my age and lifestyle.

What is included?

What's in the Box:Ceretone Core One
Ceretone Core One in Hand
Ceretone Core One Earplug
Ceretone Core One Earplug in Hand

With its durable construction and an elegant logo at the center, the Ceretone Core One box exudes a sense of quality and attention to detail, reflecting the overall design and performance of the product.

Ceretone Core One package includes a comprehensive set of items to ensure a convenient and hassle-free experience. Inside the box, you will find a pair of hearing aids, specifically designed to deliver discreet and high-quality sound amplification. Accompanying the hearing aids is a charging box, which provides a convenient and secure way to charge and store your devices. Additionally, the package includes three pairs of earplugs, allowing you to choose the most comfortable fit for your ears. To maintain optimal performance, a cleaning brush is provided to help you keep your hearing aids free from debris and ensure longevity. The box also contains a charging cable and a charger, ensuring that you have all the necessary accessories to keep your hearing aids powered up.

How I Feel about Ceretone Core One

Ceretone Core One Trial

Ceretone Core One are really small. I have compared it with my Apple Airpods Pro. It is only 1g. So amazing the manufacturer can make the hearing aids in this small size. My ear canals are narrow. So I can’t put the hearing aid in deep. So it is still visible. My colleague tried and put it deep. If he doesn’t tell other he has wear a hearing aid, almost no one noticed that. I tried to jump a few time to test if it would drop down easily. The answer is not.

About the voice, I haven’t tried other hearing aid before. So I can’t compare if it is good ebough. Of course I have done some search about the bad review of hearing aid. 

-Comfort:The size is small and the earplug is soft. So even though it is my first time to use the hearing aid. I don’t feel uncomfortable. It is just like wearing the tws earbuds. I tried to use it for from 7:00am to 9 :00pm. There was not obvious pressure in my ears.

-Sound Quality:I could notice the sound become louder once the machine worked(Notice:The machine starts to work after about 15 seconds when I wear). There are not obvious odd sound.Voice becomes Louder but natural. It is not like sound from amplifiers. 

-Easy to Use:I have no experience in using it. The instruction is easy to understand. The app is very simple to use. There is not button to control this hearing aids but the app. I adjust the volume on my phone in s slient environment.This is quite different

-Battery: The official statement is 72 hours usage time with the charging box. I used it for about 14 hours after fully charge.


Ceretone Core One has not only met but exceeded my expectations for discreet, effective hearing support. These tiny devices have significantly improved my ability to engage in conversations and enjoy social settings, all without the stigma I had feared. For those who, like me, are hesitant about using hearing aids due to concerns about appearance or admitting to hearing loss, the Ceretone Core One offers a compelling solution. Additionally, Ceretone provides a 45-day risk-free trial, making it a practical choice for anyone looking to explore hearing aids without commitment. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and experience the benefits for yourself—it could be the step that vastly improves your quality of life.

Update: Ceretone Whistling

I noticed some of the users are complaining Ceretone whistking problem on facebook. For my personal experience, there is no whistling problem. Ceretone offers new eartips to eliminate the whistling. I have no ideas if they help because I don’t have this problem. 

Because they promise free-trial, I think it is better to try if it is right for you. Or you may lose a good product.

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