From Gentle Breeze to Hurricane: The JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 Review

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In the sweltering heat that accompanies outdoor events like the Spartan Race, finding a reliable and efficient cooling solution becomes paramount for comfort and endurance. This quest for cooling solutions led me to the JISULIFE brand, a name that has garnered attention for its innovative approach to personal cooling devices. My previous experience with a non-brand neck fan purchased in Huaqiangbei left me somewhat skeptical of the efficacy of such gadgets. However, the pressing heat and the upcoming challenge of the Spartan Race for my children pushed me to reconsider.

My daughter, ever the meticulous selector, chose the JISULIFE handheld fan PRO1S, while my son opted for the neck fan PRO1. Their choices were influenced by the need for a portable, efficient, and reliable cooling solution to combat the outdoor heat. My initial purchase was driven by necessity, but it also sparked a curiosity about how these products would stand up to real-world use, especially in the demanding conditions of an outdoor race.

Having tested and experienced the non-brand alternatives, I approached the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 with a mix of hope and skepticism. In this review, I will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1, comparing it with the earlier non-brand model I had used. From its touted 100-speed infinite hurricane technology and healthy wind feature to its super battery life and stylish, lightweight design, the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 promises a revolution in personal cooling. Join me as I explore whether this device lives up to its claims and whether it can indeed offer a respite from the heat, turning an overwhelming environment into a more bearable and even enjoyable experience.


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We Like

  • Easy to Control
  • Powerful Wind

We Don't Like

  • Heavy 


What I appreciate most about the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 is its ergonomic design, which not only enhances comfort but also includes a smart feature to prevent hair entanglement, making it a standout choice. The fan’s powerful output and long battery life are significant advantages, ensuring that it delivers strong, lasting relief from the heat. However, my main concern with this device is its weight. Compared to other similar products on the market, the NECK FAN PRO1 is noticeably heavier, which can be a drawback for extended use or during more active endeavors, diminishing its overall convenience.



Power Source: 5000mAh

Battery Capacity: Battery Powered

Product Dimensions: 9.13″D x 2.64″W x 11.02″H

Item Weight: 11.4oz

Special Feature: Breathable Neck Collar, 100 Speeds Turbo Air Duct, LED Display, Stepless Knob

Why We Need A Neck Fan?

We’ve all felt the relentless heat of the sun beating down on us during outdoor activities, making even the simplest tasks feel like a struggle. For many of us, especially ladies, carrying a sun umbrella is a must to shield ourselves from the harsh rays. However, juggling between work fans and holding an umbrella can be cumbersome, and that’s where the convenience of a hands-free solution like a neck fan becomes invaluable. Imagine feeling a gentle, cooling breeze around your neck, keeping you comfortable and focused while your hands remain free to hold your sun umbrella or tackle other tasks. This is the practical and refreshing benefit that a neck fan can bring to your outdoor experiences, making it an essential companion for those hot and sunny days.

Real Test in Spartan Race

On the scorching day of the Spartan Race, my son found some comfort in the cooling breeze provided by the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 during his pre-race routine. Its ability to adjust for a perfect fit offered a refreshing reprieve, helping him to stay cool and composed. However, despite its benefits, the fan’s weight led him to decide against wearing it for the actual race, prioritizing comfort and mobility over the cooling advantage. Interestingly, the noise level, which increased with higher power settings, was less of a concern in the outdoor setting, blending somewhat into the background of the race’s bustling environment.

Real Test in Daily Life

Navigating daily life, especially on those days when I choose not to drive due to inevitable traffic jams, has led me to rely on the metro and either walking or cycling to reach my destination. It’s during these moments—particularly while riding my bicycle—that the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 proves to be an indispensable ally against the heat. The convenience of hands-free cooling is a game-changer; not having to maneuver a handheld fan while trying to navigate busy streets allows for a much safer and enjoyable journey. With the ability to adjust the wind to a comfortable temperature, the oppressive heat becomes far more bearable. The JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 has transformed my commute, making what used to be an uncomfortably hot journey into a pleasantly cool experience, regardless of the high temperatures.

Comparison to Other Similar Product

In comparison to other similar products on the market, the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 stands out for its more ergonomic design, particularly in how it addresses a common issue: preventing hair from getting caught in the fan—a thoughtful consideration by JISULIFE. However, when it comes to adjustability, the NECK FAN PRO1 falls slightly behind its competitors, offering less flexibility in fitting adjustments. Where it truly shines is in its power capacity; it can generate significantly stronger wind, making it superior in terms of cooling efficiency. This increased power is supported by a larger battery, which ensures longer operating hours, a definite plus on hot days. Yet, this advantage does come with a trade-off: the larger battery contributes to a heavier weight, which might not be ideal for all users, especially during extended use or vigorous activities.


JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 offers a compelling blend of innovative features and practical functionality, making it a notable contender in the personal cooling device market. Its ergonomic design and unique solution to prevent hair entanglement showcase the thoughtful engineering behind the product. While it may not offer the same level of adjustability as some of its rivals, it compensates with powerful wind generation capabilities and extended battery life, ensuring users stay cooler for longer. However, the trade-off for this enhanced performance is a heavier build, which may impact its convenience during intense physical activities or prolonged wear. Despite this, for those looking for effective relief from the heat during daily commutes, outdoor events, or simply to enhance comfort during hot weather, the JISULIFE NECK FAN PRO1 proves to be a reliable and efficient choice. Whether it’s battling the urban heatwave on a bike ride or needing a hands-free cooling solution, this neck fan is certainly worth considering.

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