Anker New Product Disappear on Amazon: Anker Prime Power Bank is Unlisted

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Anker Prime Power Bank-Amazon
Anker Prime Power Bank-Amazon

In a surprising turn of events, the Anker Prime Power Bank has mysteriously disappeared from Amazon’s online store and has been labeled as “Out of Stock” on its official website, just days after its initial launch. This unexpected unavailability has left consumers puzzled, as there seems to be no clear explanation for the sudden vanishing of a product that garnered attention for its promising features and convenience. While speculations arise, the exact reasons behind this phenomenon remain unknown, raising questions about production challenges, unforeseen demand, or other undisclosed factors. As customers eagerly await an official statement from Anker regarding the fate of the Prime Power Bank, the incident underscores the unpredictable nature of the modern consumer electronics market.

Updated 2023/8/17

There are 2 stars review for Amazon Prime 27,650mah but soon deleted. No idea why it was deleted. Maybe the reason of unlist is because of the over heat when charing.

Anker Prime Power Bank 27650mAh

Since Anker took down the 20000 & 12000,1 have no choice but to share my firstthoughts here considering they are similar in many ways Form factor is good. lt feels like a quality product and it's lightweight. However, thehuge front does not seem to be necessary considering the actual display only coversthe upper half. lt's simply a fingerprint magnet Recharge and charge rate (100W for the 20000 mAh) are fast, until it starts to heat up.My biggest concern is it heats up a lot more comparing to the 737 24000 mAh used both power banks to charae my MacBook Air and this newer version tends toheat up auite quickly to around 47C. which the 737 usually maxes out around 35CThe overheat causes energy waste and lower wattage output With it being 67%harged, my MacBook Air went from 11% to 48% and my iphone 13 Pro Max wentfrom 38% to 78 % before it completely drained, The MacBook pulled about 70W whilethe iphone pulled 20W. Charqing two devices at the same time also causes it to heatup much faster. The max rates only sustained in the first ten minutes or so then we'recut in half. Overall l would not recommend this newer version even I have been a huge fan ofAnker. I like it but I have no choice but to return it.

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