Muzen Speaker Review-OTR Metal : Where Aesthetics and Performance Collide

In the ever-evolving world of portable speakers, where the quest for the perfect blend of design and sound quality becomes increasingly intricate, Muzen Audio stands out with its unique offerings. Having recently explored the capabilities of the Muzen Wild Mini, a speaker that impressed with its rugged charm and acoustic prowess, I’ve now turned my attention to another intriguing piece from the same family: the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker. Gifted to me by my brother, this transition from the Wild Mini to the OTR Metal presents an opportunity to delve deeper into the Muzen lineup, comparing these two models not just in terms of their aesthetic appeal but also their performance metrics. The OTR Metal, with its vintage design reminiscent of a bygone era, promises an audio experience that marries the nostalgic with the cutting-edge. In this review, I’ll take a closer look at how the Muzen OTR Metal stands up to its wilderness-inspired counterpart, evaluating everything from its build quality and design ethos to its sound fidelity and functionality. Join me as we explore whether the Muzen OTR Metal truly lives up to the ideal of where aesthetics and performance collide.

muzen otr metal speaker on my desk

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Unbox Experience

Muzen OTR Metal Speaker Package
Muzen OTR Metal Speaker Unbox

Opening the package containing the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker was akin to unwrapping a treasure trove of nostalgia. Encased within a meticulously crafted gift case, the presentation was nothing short of impressive. As I lifted the lid, I was greeted by an array of carefully curated items that transported me back to a simpler time. Nestled snugly within the packaging lay the star of the show: the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker, exuding vintage charm with its retro-inspired design. Alongside the speaker, I discovered a user manual, ensuring I could make the most of its features with ease. Yet, it was the inclusion of the vintage sticker and poster that truly captured my imagination, evoking memories of days spent immersed in the music of yesteryears. The unboxing experience of the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker was not just about unveiling a product but embarking on a journey through time, where every detail resonated with a sense of nostalgia and wonder.

Sound Quality
Working Hours

We Like

  • Vintage Design
  • Sound Quality is OK

We Don't Like

  • Heavy compared to its size
  • No ideas the remain battery
  • Expensive


Muzen OTR Metal Speaker impresses with its vintage design and the elegant gift case presentation, making it a charming addition to any space, even when not in use. While the sound quality falls short compared to high-end speakers like Bose, it generally suffices for everyday use. The built-in radio function adds versatility, offering a nostalgic alternative for spontaneous listening sessions. However, its relatively high price point and hefty weight may deter some potential buyers, especially those seeking more portable options. Overall, the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker is a stylish and functional choice for those who prioritize aesthetics and appreciate a touch of retro flair in their audio experience.

Muzen OTR Metal Speaker Review


Muzen Portable Bluetooth Speaker, OTR Metal Vintage Small Wireless Speaker, FM Retro Radio with Antenna AUX, 10h+ Long Playtime, High Fidelity Stereo Audio with Suitcase, for Gift Home Picnic

Speaker: 40mm / 1.57 in neodymium iron boron, full frequency
Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (3.7V/1000mA)
Battery Life: 8-10 hours
Frequency Range: 87-108 MHz
SNR: > 60db
Distortion: ≤ 0.5%- Bluetooth Version: 4.0

Personal Experience

Muzen OTR Metal Speaker as Display

My experience with the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker was a mix of admiration for its vintage design and slight disappointment with its portability. After receiving it from my younger brother, who noticed my affinity for Muzen speakers, I was immediately struck by its nostalgic aesthetic. It served as a delightful display piece on my desk and added a touch of charm to my living room decor. However, its weight made it impractical for outdoor use, despite the advertised suitability for picnics. The gift case it came in was a delightful touch, sparking ideas for future birthday or Christmas presents. As an avid user of my BOSE SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, I couldn’t help but notice the disparity in sound quality between the two. While the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker didn’t quite match the BOSE’s audio prowess, it still delivered satisfactory sound, especially when compared to speakers in its price range. The built-in radio function provided a refreshing change of pace from my usual playlist, offering a welcome dose of randomness. After about a week of use, I returned it to my brother, concluding that it’s better suited as a decorative piece or a thoughtful gift than a primary speaker for everyday use.


Muzen OTR Metal Speaker embodies a delightful fusion of vintage charm and modern functionality. Its retro design and elegant gift case make it a standout decorative piece, perfect for adorning any space with a touch of nostalgia. While its weight may limit its portability, particularly for outdoor activities, it excels as a stationary speaker for home or office use. Despite falling short of the audio quality offered by premium brands like BOSE, it still delivers satisfactory sound performance, especially considering its price point. The inclusion of a built-in radio adds versatility and spontaneity to the listening experience, offering a refreshing break from curated playlists. Ultimately, the Muzen OTR Metal Speaker shines brightest as a thoughtful gift or an eye-catching display item, enriching both the auditory and visual landscapes of any environment.

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