Illuminate Your Creativity: ULANZI Overhead Phone Mount with 10" Selfie Ring Light Review

Embarking on the blogging journey with, I envisioned a platform brimming with compelling narratives intertwined with vivid, captivating imagery. However, the reality was a stark contrast. The photos I initially took were seemingly unattractive, failing to echo the essence and vibrancy of the products I was showcasing. They were plagued by poor lighting and unflattering angles, rendering the visual narrative of the unboxing experience less appealing. The need for a transformation was palpable; I yearned to infuse life into my posts through refined and professionally resonant visuals. It was this quest for visual excellence that led me to the Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set. With its promises of enhanced photography and a polished look for my unboxing videos and product photos, it seemed like the beacon of hope my blog needed. In this piece, I’m excited to unravel my hands-on experience with this innovative tool, exploring its real-world performance and its efficacy in elevating the aesthetic quotient of my content. Join me as I delve into the transformative journey of my blog’s visuals, unveiling how the Ulanzi Ring Light Set became the architect of my blog’s visual renaissance.

Ulanzi Ring Light Review

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Prduct Overview

The Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set is a meticulously crafted piece of equipment designed to cater to a myriad of photography and videography needs. It stands as a harmonious amalgamation of stability, versatility, and advanced technology, aiming to offer solutions to content creators like myself, who are in pursuit of superior visual quality.

Adding to its charm is the 10″ high-quality ring light, comprised of 120 energy-saving LED beads, which offer adjustable brightness ranging from 0-100% and a color temperature spectrum between 3500k and 6500k. These features are essential in allowing users to manipulate the light settings to suit the mood and requirement of their content, ensuring outstanding shots irrespective of the time of day.

The incorporation of a 360° adjustable shooting arm provides multi-angle adjustment options. This arm can be maneuvered up and down, left and right, front and back, offering users the flexibility to find the perfect angle for their shots, whether in high or low positions. This feature, combined with a 360° rotatable phone holder, supports various angles for adjustment, empowering users to capture their envisioned shot without constraint.

Ulanzi Ring Light for Cooking Shoot

Built with premium carbon steel and ABS, the ring light kit is not only robust but also highly compatible. It can seamlessly fit into diverse creative projects, be it live streaming, unboxing videos, product photography, or tutorials. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios like web conferences, online classes, and other creative ventures including cooking, crafting, and drawing. The adaptable nature of this equipment makes it an ideal companion for those looking to enhance their visual content, providing a professional edge to their creative endeavors.

User Experience

Incorporating the Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set into my content creation process has been a transformative experience. Primarily, it has been instrumental in capturing the essence of the products I review. The adjustable features and multi-angle shooting arm allowed me to play around with different perspectives and angles, enabling me to present each product in its best light, quite literally. The diversity in brightness and color temperature has facilitated the creation of visually rich and varied content, adding a touch of professionalism to my reviews.

Interestingly, this ring light set has found its way into more casual and fun aspects of my daily life as well. It has proven to be a delightful companion in my culinary adventures, helping me capture the vibrant essence of my cooking endeavors. The light brings out the textures and colors of the dishes in a way that’s true to life, making the entire cooking and capturing process a joyous one.

Additionally, it’s not just me who’s enamoured by this versatile piece of equipment; my wife finds it equally advantageous. She frequently utilizes it during her makeup sessions. The ring light casts a uniform light, eliminating harsh shadows and highlighting her features, allowing for a flawless makeup application. The adjustable brightness levels and color temperatures enable her to view her makeup under different lights, ensuring impeccable results every time.

In essence, the Ulanzi Ring Light Set has seamlessly blended into our lives, serving multifaceted purposes. It’s not just a tool; it’s an extension of our creative expressions, enhancing every frame, every photo, and every experience, whether it’s meticulously reviewing a product, exploring culinary creations, or simply indulging in daily routines like makeup application. The user-friendly nature and the flexibility it offers make it a cherished asset in our daily lives.

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Performance Analysis

Delving into the performance analysis of the Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set, it becomes apparent that the device excels in various aspects, enhancing the overall user experience and output quality. The lighting quality emanating from the 120 energy-saving LED beads is praiseworthy, providing a soft, uniform light that is conducive to creating professional-looking content. The array of adjustable brightness and color temperatures offers versatility, allowing users to fine-tune the lighting environment to suit the specific needs of their projects. These features are critical in achieving desired results, whether highlighting product details or capturing the subtle nuances of culinary creations.

The stability of the upgraded base is another noteworthy feature. The increased weight and reshaped round design significantly minimize balance issues, especially when the shooting arm is fully extended. This feature adds a layer of reliability to the device, permitting users to focus more on content creation without being bogged down by the intricacies of equipment stability. The reinforced base ensures that the set remains steadfast, providing a secure and worry-free experience.

Flexibility and adaptability are central to the device’s overall performance. The multi-angle shooting arm and the 360° rotatable phone holder allow for a range of adjustments, empowering users to explore varied shooting angles and perspectives. This feature is pivotal for content creators aiming for dynamism and diversity in their content. The ease of maneuvering the shooting arm and adjusting the phone holder provides a seamless experience, fostering creative exploration and innovation.

In conclusion, the Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set stands out in terms of lighting quality, stability, and flexibility. The amalgamation of these features results in a high-performance tool that meets and often exceeds user expectations, paving the way for enriched content creation. Whether it’s the meticulous detailing in product photography, the vibrancy in cooking videos, or any other creative pursuit, the Ulanzi Ring Light Set emerges as a robust companion, enhancing each endeavor with its impeccable performance.


lanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set emerges as a quintessential tool for content creators, photographers, and videographers, eager to elevate their work to unprecedented levels of professionalism and appeal. This device, with its state-of-the-art lighting, unrivaled stability, and versatile adjustability, not only addresses the common challenges faced in content creation but also serves as a conduit for creative expression and innovation.

The enriched and nuanced lighting significantly enhances the visual allure of the content, making it more captivating and immersive for the audience. The impeccable stability and the multifaceted shooting arm enable creators to explore and experiment without constraints, paving the way for more diversified and dynamic content.

Its impact extends beyond mere aesthetics, resonating deeply with efficiency and user experience, allowing creators more freedom and focus on honing their craft and articulating their vision. Whether it’s for professional endeavors, hobbyist pursuits, or daily routines, the Ulanzi Ring Light Set proves to be an invaluable companion, seamlessly blending advanced technology with user-centric design.

In essence, it’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s an enabler, a catalyst, and a transformative entity that brings ideas to light, literally and metaphorically. The Ulanzi Desktop Overhead Shooting Bracket Ring Light Set is indeed a beacon in the realm of content creation, illuminating paths to endless creative possibilities and excellence.

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