Elevate Your Game Room with Divoom Pixoo-64's Dynamic LED Panel Display!

Every gamer knows that a personalized game room isn’t just about having the best gaming rig or the most ergonomic chair; it’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with one’s passion and personality. Enter the Divoom Pixoo-64, a revolutionary tool in room decor that promises to take your gaming den from ordinary to extraordinary.

Divoom Pixoo 64 Review

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Divoom Pixoo64 64x64 Pixel Art LED Display Social Media Counter

Dimension: 262*261.4*17.8mm

Weight: 740g

Color: Full RGB

Color Temp: 1600-6500K

Output: 10W

Power:  5v(+/-0.25V)/2A

Connection: WiFi(Only 2.4GHz)

High-Resolution 64x64 LED Panel

Divoom Pixoo-64 boasts a striking 10.3-inch display. With its impeccable clarity and brightness, every pixel tells a story, ensuring your chosen art or information shines brightly.

WiFi Connectivity for Seamless Updates

Gone are the days of manual updates. With its WiFi connectivity, the Pixoo-64 offers continuous content refreshes, ensuring your display is always up-to-date.

Versatility in Display Options

From functioning as a unique pixel clock to showcasing your latest game KDA results, the possibilities with Pixoo-64 are virtually limitless.

Social Media and Game Performance Tracker

For the modern gamer and streamer, Pixoo-64 offers a unique way to track and display streaming stats and game performance, turning every achievement into a celebratory display.

Dive Deep into the Divoom App

A. User-friendly Drawing Tools
Craft your masterpiece with intuitive tools that make pixel art creation a breeze. Whether you’re an artist or a newbie, the Divoom App ensures your vision comes to life on the Pixoo-64.

B. A Thriving Pixel Art Community
Connect, share, and engage with a global community of pixel art enthusiasts. Discover new designs, share your creations, and draw inspiration from a world of pixel artists.

C. Endless Gallery of Pre-Made Creations
Not in the mood to design? Dive into a vast gallery of ready-to-use designs perfect for every mood and occasion.

Beyond Gaming: The Versatility of Pixoo-64

A. Lighting up Every Corner of Your Home
Place the Pixoo-64 in your hallway, bedroom, or living room. Its dynamic display ensures it’s not just a gadget, but a centerpiece of home decor.

B. Special Display Features
Hosting a sale in your shop or just want to welcome guests to your home? Personalize the Pixoo-64 with tailored messages, offering a unique touch to every event.

C. Showcasing NFT Pixel Art
With the world moving rapidly towards digital art ownership, the Pixoo-64 stands ready to display your prized NFT pixel artworks, merging the physical with the digital in an avant-garde fashion.

Setting up the Pixoo-64: A Quick Guide

Unbox your Pixoo-64, plug it in, connect to WiFi, and you’re good to go. With its user-friendly interface and the accompanying Divoom App, you’ll have your favorite pixel art or stats displayed in no time.


The Divoom Pixoo-64 isn’t just another gadget; it’s a statement piece, a fusion of tech and art. Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or someone who appreciates aesthetics, this dynamic LED panel display is set to redefine your space.

Ready to transform your game room or living space? Dive into the world of Pixoo-64 and discover the endless possibilities it offers. Check it out today!

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