Divoom Ditoo-Mic Review: Where Pixel Art Charm Meets Karaoke Power!

Karaoke nights have long been cherished family traditions for many, offering a platform for both budding vocalists and shower singers alike to take center stage in their living rooms. However, while professional karaoke equipment can elevate the experience, they often come with the downsides of being bulky and occupying valuable space. On the other hand, resorting to just our smartphones for a sing-along, while convenient, often lacks the depth and richness we crave. Enter the Divoom Ditoo-Mic speaker, a harmonious blend of compactness, quality, and whimsical design that promises a memorable family karaoke experience. In this review, we’ll dive deep into its features and see if it truly strikes the right chord. And as a bonus? The kids are bound to adore its adorable design! Let’s discover what makes it a potential showstopper.

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Divoom Ditoo-Mic Mini Karaoke Machine Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Output:  15W

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Dimension: 114.2*90*121.2mm

Weight: 524g

Playtime: Up to 8 Hours

Charge: 5V 2A


The Divoom Ditoo-Mic speaker effortlessly marries modern tech with a nostalgic design. At first glance, its compact size stands out, making it a convenient addition to any space. The pixel art display, vibrant and dynamic, brings a unique aesthetic that immediately captures attention. Below this display, an RGB keyboard sparkles alongside a joystick and buttons, lending the device a tactile feel reminiscent of the iconic Apple Retro Computer. Not stopping at visual appeal, the Ditoo-Mic also features an accompanying microphone, ensuring its functionality matches its style. The design, with its blend of retro charm and modern flair, is not just a hit among tech enthusiasts but also with the younger generation. My kids, for instance, are absolutely smitten with its adorable appearance, showcasing that it truly is a crowd-pleaser across ages.

Pixel Art Display

Pixel art display of Divoom Ditoo-Mic is an avenue of creative expression, tailored for both budding artists and those who simply enjoy delightful visuals. Through the user-friendly Divoom app, you’re handed the artist’s palette, allowing you to craft your own designs, animations, and even scrolling text messages. The breadth of options is impressive: from a myriad of preset images to the freedom to design your own from scratch, either standing alone or accompanied by text. My kids, particularly, have found joy in this feature. They gleefully select images they resonate with, often opting for vibrant emojis that come to life on the speaker’s display. Their budding creativity doesn’t stop at selections; they’ve ventured into designing their own pixel art on the app. The sheer thrill they exhibit, watching their creations come alive on the Ditoo-Mic’s screen, is a sight to behold. Their excitement is so palpable that they often eagerly share their mini masterpieces with their classmates, taking pride in their newfound design prowess.

15W Bluetooth Speaker

While the Divoom Ditoo-Mic’s visual design elements certainly make a statement, it’s the speaker’s audio prowess that truly amplifies its standout qualities. As a Bluetooth speaker, it ensures a seamless, wireless audio experience. Indoors, the sound envelops the room with a clarity and volume that belies its compact size. But its capability isn’t restricted to closed spaces; it’s equally competent outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or camping under the stars, its impressive 15-watt output audio driver ensures that every note reaches every corner. The 360° audio direction feature guarantees that sound is evenly dispersed, creating an immersive audio environment from any angle. Complementing this is the bass enhance port design, which adds depth and richness, ensuring that the bass lines don’t just play but genuinely resonate. In essence, the Ditoo-Mic doesn’t just play music; it crafts an audio experience.

Karaoke Mode

The joy of karaoke often lies in its spontaneity, and the Divoom Ditoo-Mic embraces this spirit wholeheartedly. While professional karaoke setups can be cumbersome and intimidating, the Ditoo-Mic simplifies the process, ensuring you’re only moments away from a sing-along session. Accompanied by a dedicated microphone, connecting it to the speaker via Bluetooth instantly transports you into karaoke mode. Its compact nature adds a layer of portability; in fact, it’s become a camping trip staple for my kids, turning nights under the stars into impromptu concerts. The audio quality during karaoke mode is commendable. Vocals pass through the speaker with a vibrancy akin to professional karaoke setups, making it a delight to belt out tunes against instrumental backdrops. In essence, the Ditoo-Mic’s karaoke mode is where convenience meets quality, making every session feel like a mini-concert.

Other Function: Smart Alarm,Notification

While my firsthand exploration of the Divoom Ditoo-Mic has largely centered around its karaoke and audio features, the speaker boasts additional functionalities that cater to modern-day needs. Admittedly, my kids have taken such a shine to the device that I’ve not had the chance to personally delve into its smart alarm and notification capabilities. However, based on official documentation, the Ditoo-Mic promises a holistic and enhanced waking experience with its Smart Alarm function. It calibrates both lighting and sound to gently rouse you from sleep, making jarring alarms a thing of the past. Beyond its audio and visual delights, the Ditoo-Mic transitions into a practical daily tool with the assistance of the DIVOOM APP. Here, users can configure settings to receive social media message notifications, set up alarm clocks, plan their day, and more. It’s a testament to the speaker’s versatility, effectively bridging entertainment and utility.

Good Gift Idea

Presented in thoughtful packaging, the Divoom Ditoo-Mic already gives off the aura of a perfect gift even before it’s unveiled. Its multifaceted features make it an ideal present for a myriad of recipients: from children to adults, and from tech enthusiasts to karaoke aficionados. My kids’ sheer delight and attachment to the device serve as a testament to its appeal among the younger demographic. Their eagerness to engage with the Ditoo-Mic, be it through its karaoke mode or pixel art displays, showcases how it can capture the imagination and cater to diverse interests. For anyone passionate about singing or simply looking for a unique, versatile gadget, the Divoom Ditoo-Mic emerges as an outstanding gift choice. It embodies a blend of entertainment, creativity, and practicality, ensuring that the joy it brings extends well beyond the initial unboxing.

Pros & Cons


  • Cute Design
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Lound Enough
  • Pixel Art Display


  • Microphone Weak
  • Quite Expensive


In an era teeming with gadgets, the Divoom Ditoo-Mic distinguishes itself by seamlessly marrying form with function. It’s not just a speaker; it’s a canvas for creativity, a karaoke powerhouse, and a daily utility tool all wrapped in one compact, retro-designed package. From family karaoke nights to camping trips, from artistic expressions to waking up gently with its smart alarm, the Ditoo-Mic promises an enriched experience across the board. As evidenced by my kids’ enthusiasm, it’s clear this device resonates across age groups, making it an ideal addition to any tech arsenal. If you’re seeking a gift that’s bound to impress or simply wish to elevate your own entertainment quotient, the Divoom Ditoo-Mic is worth every penny.

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