Sharge 170 Power Bank Review: Where Style Meets Performance

Looking for a game-changing power bank that combines style with top-notch performance? Your search ends here with the Shargeek 170 Power Bank. Inspired by Pink Floyd’s legendary ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ this power bank is a visual masterpiece and a powerhouse all in one. But here’s the exciting part: it’s currently on sale on Shargeek official website, giving tech aficionados a chance to be part of a revolution in portable charging. In this Sharge 170 Power Bank review, we’re going to dive deep into the design, the charging capabilities, and the unexpected features that make this device stand out. Get ready to witness where style truly meets performance.

Shargeek 170 Power Bank

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Sharge 170 Power Bank
Dimension:164.9 x 62.8 x 59.6mm/6.49×2.47×2.34 inch
Battery Capacity(Rated):
Ports:  USB-C × 2, USB-A × 1
Max Output: 170W

Max Input: 140W


Shargeek 170 Power Bank-Design

The design of the Shargeek 170 continues the signature see-through concept that made its predecessors, the Shargeek 100 (also known as the Shargeek Storm 2) and the Shargeek 130 (referred to as the Shargeek Storm 2 Slim), such eye-catching devices. With a transparent case, you can easily peer inside and observe the internal elements and batteries, adding a futuristic and aesthetic touch to the power bank. However, Shargeek takes a bold step in design with the Shargeek 170 by transforming its shape into a mesmerizing prism. This striking new design is inspired by Pink Floyd’s timeless masterpiece, “Dark Side of the Moon,” infusing the power bank with artistic and musical inspiration. While the aesthetic transformation is a standout feature, it’s important to note that the Shargeek 170 is slightly larger in size compared to its predecessors.



The performance of the Shargeek 170 is nothing short of exceptional. It’s not just a power bank; it’s a powerhouse of efficiency. With a whopping 170W maximum output and PD 3.1 compatibility, this device is designed to charge your gadgets at warp speed, ensuring they’re always ready when you need them. Whether you’re juicing up your smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop, the Shargeek 170 can handle it all with ease. But what truly sets it apart is the remarkable 140W maximum input, allowing you to refuel this powerhouse from 0% to 50% in just 20 minutes. It’s a speed that belongs to the future, ensuring that you spend less time waiting for your power bank to recharge and more time staying connected. Additionally, with pass-through charging, the Shargeek 170 can simultaneously power your devices while it’s being recharged, making it a true game-changer in the world of portable charging solutions.


Shargeek 170 Power Bank-Port

The Shargeek 170’s performance doesn’t stop at its impressive speed; it’s also designed for ultimate convenience. With three device fast charging capabilities, it boasts 2×USB-C and 1×USB-A ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. What’s truly remarkable is that even when all these ports are in use, the Shargeek 170 doesn’t compromise on speed. You’ll still get up to 65W fast charging from just one of its USB-C ports, ensuring that all your devices are powered up quickly and efficiently. This all-in-one power solution is a game-changer, simplifying your life by decluttering your workspace and enhancing your productivity. No more fighting over charging cables or waiting for your turn; the Shargeek 170 is here to ensure that your devices stay powered up, without any hassle.

Battery Capacity:24,000mAh

With a massive 24,000mAh capacity, Shargeek 170 ensures your devices stay powered on at all times, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to low-battery anxiety during those critical moments when you need your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets to stay functional. What makes this power bank truly exceptional is that it houses six durable electric-vehicle-grade batteries, which means it maintains over 80% of its capacity even after 800+ charging cycles. In comparison, many other power banks start degrading significantly after just a couple of hundred charges. This remarkable longevity ensures that the Shargeek 170 is built to last for years, making it a reliable and long-term companion for all your charging needs.


The Shargeek 170 takes charging to the next level with its intuitive smart display. It provides users with a level of control and information that’s unparalleled. This smart display offers full visibility and control over the charging process, making it incredibly convenient. Want to know the power status of your devices or check on the charging performance? Just take a quick peek at the display, and you’re instantly in the know. But the Shargeek 170 display goes beyond just the basics. It’s designed to keep you and your devices safe with alerts about abnormal temperatures and automatic charging power adjustment. This feature adds an extra layer of reliability, ensuring your devices are charged optimally and without any risk. With the Shargeek 170, staying in charge has never been this smart and effortless.

Attentive for low current devices

The Shargeek 170 goes the extra mile to cater to the needs of low-current devices, such as wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and wristbands. These gadgets often require a minimal amount of power to charge, and many power banks fall short in meeting this requirement due to their outputs not meeting the minimum current threshold or having poor power management. However, the Shargeek 170 is different. It doesn’t leave these devices behind. Thanks to its innovative Low-current Mode, it provides safe and optimized charging specifically tailored to your earbuds, smartwatches, or wristbands, ensuring they reach their full capacity without any compromise on safety or performance. With the Shargeek 170, no device is too small or insignificant to receive the attention and charging it deserves.

Pros & Cons​


  • Standout Design ,Especially for Movie Fans


  • Small Battery Capacity
  • Small Output
  • One Port Only


Shargeek 170 Power Bank proves itself to be more than just a portable charger. It’s a fusion of style and substance, inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” and built to cater to the demands of today’s tech-savvy world. From its eye-catching prism design to its ultra-fast charging capabilities and impressive 24,000mAh capacity, the Shargeek 170 doesn’t disappoint. It’s a device that keeps pace with the future, ensuring your gadgets are always ready and at your service. The intuitive smart display, coupled with water resistance and attentive low-current mode, makes it a versatile, reliable, and future-proof power solution. Moreover, the crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter offers a unique opportunity for early adopters to be a part of this revolution in portable charging. So, if you’re looking for a power bank that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, the Shargeek 170 is here to redefine the way you charge your devices. It’s the perfect blend of style and performance, a true game-changer, and a must-have for any tech enthusiast or traveler. Say goodbye to low-battery anxiety, and welcome the future of charging with open arms.

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